Spring Season Is Here!

How Do We Celebrate Spring? 

Here at Fleur D' Elegance we like to design bright cheerful colors for our modern floral arrangements. Nothing says spring like our cheerful, modern, clean-look arrangements. We like to use a beautiful bright color palette for our florals to represent spring season! 

What Spring Flowers Are Popular? 

Here are the following popular blooms during spring! You can call us to request a specific spring flower that isn't on the list. 

1. Daffodil - Nothing says “spring” more than jaunty daffodils. These bulbs bloom up to six weeks in the early spring, and come in white, yellow, orange, bicolor, and pink.


2. Tulips - The cup- or star-shaped flowers sit individually atop blue-green stems with two to six leaves, and their petals are every color except blue, in solid colors or stripes.

3. Hyacinth - Cheery pink, blue, or white hyacinths lend a spot of color to a spring garden and are often sold as potted indoor plants around Easter. Their highly fragrant, star-shaped flowers grow in clusters along a short stem, with upward-growing leaves.

4. Crocus - Delicate cup-shaped flowers with pointed petals come in pink, blue, purple, yellow, orange, and white, and grass-like leaves grow from the base of their six-inch stems.

5. Lily of the Valley- Beautiful, shade-loving wildflowers, lily of the valley grow six to 12 inches high with small, white, fragrant flowers hanging down like bells in a line up a bare stalk.

6. Iris - These elegant flowers are named for Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow. 


7. Lilac -  The four-petalled flowers are one-third of an inch across and grow in cone-shaped clusters, or panicles, at the ends of the branches. They range in color from purple to pink or white, bicolor, and even yellow.


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