Corporate and Business Events


Are You Planning A Corporate Holiday Event? 

Every year, corporations are planning an end of the year event or a holiday event. If this is applies to you as a host, then we are here to help you. We have had the pleasure to work with companies at the Four Seasons and Omni Resort in Carlsbad. 

It can be hard to find a florist who can accept an overwhelming number of centerpieces but we have experience in that. We have a walk-in cooler that guarantees the freshness of the flowers to last you. 


Why You Should Pick Us As Your Florist For Your Event 

Fleur D’ Elegance is a small local business in Carlsbad. We have experience in everyday arrangements, weddings, and other small events. However, we want to further expand our business to bigger events. We had the opportunity to work with a corporation for their holiday event and we made over 60 centerpieces. We would like to earn your business and help ease stress you may have planning the event. We want to build a connection and earn your business for any future events, you can count on us. 


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